the beginnings of ‘the clearly illiterate café’!

I will admit, this isn’t my first blog. There were numerous, various reasons as to why my other blogs shut down. Sometimes I wasn’t as committed, and other times I felt increasingly limited as to what I could post. Over the last few months, however, I discovered that I really needed a blog.

Originally, this was supposed to be a coffee review blog. After thinking about it for a while, I decided it would not work. I mean, it just wouldn’t. Think about it, I’d have to only write about coffee. You’d only see me post every blue moon, since the area where I lived was not populated with diverse coffee areas (due to the recent popularity of big business). But I do love coffee, so I may end up doing reviews one day. That’s a side thing.

Then I wanted a website where I could talk about music and coffee. The only problem is that reviewing music is tough since my genre is very limited, and my music taste changes faster than…well, really fast (It is late at night and I can’t think of a metaphor). Point is, I still wouldn’t be able to share as much content as I’d hoped (but, mind you, that will be another aspect of this blog. Think about how Starbucks features music albums at the cash. Yeah. Sort of like that.)

I was stuck for a little while, just thinking of what I should do. I had so many different topics and projects I wanted to share, but nowhere to put them. Unfortunately, I cannot post them on my professional website as I use that for jobs and advertising my professional work.

And then it hit me. I needed a new blog! Something where I can post anything and everything.

So I had all these ideas floating in my head; coffee, music, poems. I wanted to merge them. So I decided to create a coffee-like-atmosphere blog that focused on my creative writing. I wanted to bring a kind of indie café style to a site, and just go with it (however, I’m not entirely sure I achieved that).

So I took three ideas; glasses, writing and the modern café scene. With glasses, I, amongst many other individuals, can see clearly. My codename for my previous blog and my production company was illitermat, which was a combination of illiterate and Mateen. And café, well that part isn’t really clear to me. But that, fine folks, is how I came up with the name:

the clearly illiterate café.

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