the winter year updates + summer savings!

As some of you know, I released my first EP at the end of last month. The Winter Year EP, which features five tracks as well as one bonus demo, is available on my Bandcamp for all to listen and to purchase. The EP is set at $3.00.


In celebration of this blog, I’m going to be offering a discount on the EP! Up until August 24,2014, The Winter Year EP will be 67% off! 
After spending about an hour trying to calculate how much it will be, I have concluded that the discount will let you download the EP for only $1.00! 

The discount code will need to be entered upon the sale and will not count for any free items, which are free for you to download anyways. The code is:


You can download the album on my Bandcamp by clicking here!

Make sure you enter that before purchasing in the discount box to get the discount. It would mean everything in the world for your support, and I will love you forever!

Onto other news, I am working on other songs at the moment for my next album. I’m hoping to show you some of the work on my Soundcloud, which I will post on this blog. The sound is fairly different from The Winter Year EP, but will still follow the same genre style. I know that may sound like it makes no sense, but you’ll see.



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