is there something hidden behind #freepalestine?

‎Zayn Malik, a young individual who is more popularly known for being a part of the beloved pop/rock group ‘One Direction’, recently received a lot of backlash for posting “#FreePalestine”.

However, he isn’t the only one.

There are many celebrities, such as Joey Barton and Rihanna, who have posted a similar message and received a lot of criticism. But why? Well, let’s look back to Zayn Malik and some of the responses he got.

Someone commented back saying “It broke me that one of my idols wand me to die”. The rest in the article followed the suit of ‘kill yourself’.

So, according to this tweet, the freedom of Palestine is synonymous with the death of numerous Israelis. Also, it’s automatically assumed that demanding the freedom of Palestine must mean that you are automatically anti-Israel. Now that’s a problem.

The truth is it shouldn’t be. The fact that the idea of a free, independent Palestine not being able co-exist with Israel is a huge issue. So is the two-state solution not possible? Or is it possible, but is it not wanted?

It is interesting to keep in mind how defensive many got towards the idea of a free Palestine. Are the people to believe that the freedom of a people will take away the freedoms of another? That is a question I’d need to look more into.

So is there something behind the hashtag #freepalestine that many of us aren’t seeing? Is there an anti-Israel connotation? Who knows. But what is worrying is that some find it offensive when people demand a free Palestine.

JUST A NOTE ON THE ARTICLE: One other thing that really struck out on this Zayn Malik issue was the fact that they included that he was a Muslim. It’s the truth, yes, but is it necessary? The fact that someone is a certain religion does not automatically tell them which side to pick. I know Muslims who are pro-Israeli and Jewish people who are pro-Palestine. It seems unnecessary for the news to focus on that, considering that Rihannas religion nor Eddie Vedders was brought in.

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