silent no more – original poem

This is my first original poem called ‘Silent No More’. It is inspired by all the events that have been circling around this time.

I can’t stay silent no more
Sticks and stones and guns and bombs,
Take away those small moments of calm
But I’m not there; I’d never know,
No, my friend, all this I see on a TV show
Fictional? I wish. This hell is real
My eyelids and my palms become my shield
For my eyes and ears
From all my fears
I can’t stay silent any more

But I complain about my hope deteriorating
When not too far from me I see children fading
Into the dust;
Close enough where it burns my soul
Which leaves my heart with an unfillable hole
Yet far enough that my screams won’t reach
Because they are the only one without speech

No, I can’t stay silent no more
Even though just the thought chokes my throat
Where tears come rather than the words I spoke
Because when I go to school my worries are my grades
But when they go, their fear is that it could be their last day
So no, I cannot stay silent any more

But it seems all I can fathom is this poorly written poem
Or I could go back to routine and play dumb
And stay silent one day more.

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