solutions – original poem

In celebration of National Poetry Day, I’m releasing this poem. It’s a poem I wrote a while ago and stuffed away, and have only really looked back at it today.

I don’t know why, I’ve been feeling very morose.
I could take something for it; a pill, I suppose.
But I prefer the high I get off of life,
Like forgetting the feeling of a dozen mice
Whilst they scatter along up and down your skin,
Or losing the thought that everything you do is a sin.

So tell me about how there is a solution you can find,
So I can finally pull the misery out of my mind.

Because my years stack high like a tower
But from afar it looks like they’re starting to cower
Similar to my spine, which is closer to the ground;
My reflections resemble that of a hound.
The battery has passed its time on my clock,
My reflections are resembling that of Shylock.

So you can tell me about that solution you will find,
The one you vowed would put the misery out of my mind.

I’d love to see how you know, how you- no!

I wouldn’t even wish you went down the road that I go.
I am not Hamlet, nor do I intend to be,
But her path is mirroring Ophelia’s tragedy.

So you can tell me about the solution you will find,
The one you vowed will take the misery out of my mind.

And passed my passing, I’ve heard the things I will find
From those kids who know nothing of the kind
And paint a picture filled with rough strokes,
When I hope the God I know will enjoy my jokes.
But that’s a problem I’ll deal with later on,
Even though it’s been bothering me ever since dawn.

So you can keep the solution that you will find.
I’m sure you’ll need something to keep the misery out of your mind.

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