peshawar – original poem

In light of today’s tragedy in Peshawar, Pakistan, I have written a poem for all the victims. It deeply disturbs me how something like this could happen to someone, let alone that the victims were children. It is an absolutely shameless thing that has happened, and my sympathies go out to the family of the victims. May the community keep their strength during this tough time.

Terrorism has no religion, colour or creed;
If you believe so, you’ve failed to understand.
The only definition of terror is the evil deed
Of looking a child in the eyes while you take their soul from where they stand.

It is baffling to see a person do such a crime,
Taking an innocent life and moving to the next.
I’ve met children who are terrified to kill a fly
And shudder at the horrors they read in their texts.

You charged your victims with crimes to complex for them to know.
I’ve seen amazement, wonder and joy in a child.
You taken that away; that opportunity of growth.
The possibility of being the end to monsters who take away another smile.

So you may bathe in victory tonight, but tomorrow you will drown
Haunted by the hollow bodies you have taken.
A mother can barely stand the look of a child’s frown;
Tomorrow you will hear the sound of hearts that are broken.


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