trees in the forest – original poem

Recently, I performed two poems I wrote at a Poetry Slam hosted by the Thaqalayn Muslim Association and the Islamic Relief at York University. It was amazing event, with some awesome and passionate talent. It was incredibly inspiring to hear other people’s work, as well as their ideas. This is the first poem that I performed.

A family of trees huddle together in the forest;
Some young, some old, both big and tall.
Birds come from far, in the forest they nest;
They know these trees, together, will never fall.

The branches and leaves collide, blocking the sun from coming in
So vast is this forest, you would never know where the trees begin
The wood is strong, firm in it’s roots;
Their shell stronger than a steel-toe boot.
A young man finds himself lost in this forest
But he feels safer inside than out
He shelters under a tree and finds himself rest.
And he has found an end to his route.
A group of trees are stronger than one
Just as man stands taller with another.
For the trees provide shelter from the sun
Just as I look for shelter in my brother.

I will release my second one soon.

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