dove – original poem

So I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, and I had promised this poem back in March, but I’m back! That’s good, right? I’ll write an update tomorrow so you guys know what I’m up to. I feel like there’s some big stuff.
Anywho this is the second poem that I had prepared for the Poetry Slam at York University. I did not qualify to the second round, so no one has really heard this. Or read it.

Matches and fires, sticks with barbed wires;
Chaos and fear run happily and free.
Great big men in suits, and other liars,
Will be the first amongst you who will flee.

But amongst the chaos you see a group of hands;
You see they are locked; strong and unbreakable.
Barbarians smash their legs where they stand;
But peace can never be broken so long as to it you are faithful.

Those without fear and hatred, only love,
Will stand together and watch as their group grows.
Through all the hatred, rises a dove
And as she flies, you will see that evil hath froze.

But this can never happen so long as we hate;
Imagine the power and the difference we could make.

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