Welcome to the New ‘the clearly illiterate café’ Website

Hello everyone!

‘the clearly illiterate café’ is almost two years old now, and that’s possibly the longest time I’ve ever held on to a blog or website. I thought this was the best time to expand my blog by separating from WordPress.com.

Now although not much has changed, this is almost like starting over. It’s almost like growing up, in a not-growing-up-at-all kind of way. It’s very difficult to explain, but just the minor change of a new domain name kind of gives me this freedom to do essentially whatever I want.

So in this case, I am already planning on ways to use it more. So make sure you subscribe to the e-mail list to the side and read some of the past posts I’ve made. I’ll be updating the poetry section a lot more with new content, and there will be a lot more politics banter on the blog. I also have a few other ideas, but those are going to be a surprise (I can’t guarantee it will be a great surprise but eh).

Can’t wait to see what comes,


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