Muslims Should Turn People In, According to Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s opinion on Muslims are always so interesting.

When Sadiq Khan became the newly elected Mayor of London, Donald Trump expressed his happiness and even offered for Khan to be the ‘exception’ to his no-Muslim rule. This, to me, came off as kind of patronizing and sounds like “if when you’ve proven you’re a nice enough Muslims you can come into the United States of America”.

Reuters/Dominic Reuter

But Donald Trump recently said in an interview with UK’s ITV that Muslims should work with the police and “turn people in”.

You know, as if all Muslim communities are like those friendly cul-de-sacs where everyone is friends with everyone and that one guy who lives in the corner house, Rasheed, is up to no good.

And I think that’s the thing that we need to talk about here. This kind of rhetoric that puts an onus on Muslims to end terrorism is completely wrong and divisive. Not only does this make Muslims feel like ‘the other’, but it implies that many of the peaceful Muslims out there personally know extremists and are involved in this massive cover-up. Which, in case I haven’t outlined it well enough, they aren’t.

The truth is that Muslims are victimized and targeted by terrorists as much as the rest of the world is. Muslims do not get a free pass from getting attacked, and terrorists don’t do a religion check before they attack a group of people.

Don’t get me wrong: if someone knows a person who is involved in terrorist activities, they should definitely turn them in. But singling out Muslims and giving them the sole responsibility of turning in terrorists creates this polarizing thought that people who are Muslim are either terrorists or moderate. I’ll add that it also implies that if Muslims don’t turn in people they suspect of being extremists (key word: suspect), they are automatically guilty themselves. No trial necessary.

I can only suspect that Donald Trump does not really have a nuanced view on Muslims. Considering the population of Muslims in America, this kind of rhetoric can have a serious impact on the general electorate. It leaves only two options; either he learns more about the American population (including Mexicans and Women), or he should not be the leader of a country with a diverse population.

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