WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Review

Let’s take a little break from politics, shall we?

WWE Extreme Rules, which aired on May 22nd 2016, had some amazing moments. The match between Roman Reigns and AJ Styles had been hyped up since the last pay-per-view. The intercontinental title became one of the most anticipated matches of the evening. People actually began to care about the Diva Women’s title, and Dean Ambrose was just being Dean Ambrose.

But let’s go through some thoughts:

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With Rusev winning the title and John Cena scheduled to come back soon, it would be awesome to see John Cena take on the Bulgarian Brute for the United States Champion. Almost as if it’s like a battle for nationalism. Either way, with Rusev being incredibly menacing (especially during any encounter with Kalisto), it would be awesome to see him take on Superman John Cena. Also poor Kalisto.

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Unfortunately I skipped this match. I think everyone already knew New Day was going to win. Is everyone on the New Day train?



The Fatal 4-way was one of the most exciting matches of the evening. With both Sami Zayn and Cesaro knocking out Kevin Owens and The Miz (respectively), you could already tell this was going to be a Helluva match. Sami Zayn and Cesaro both really deserved to win this match, with Sami Zayn having incredible momentum and Cesaro literally making The Miz tap. The Miz however took the title by pinning Cesaro as Sami Zayn went berserk with attacking Owens. Although it truly does suck to have The Miz as the champion (remember kids, always be in the right place at the right time), the feud between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens is strong enough to literally distract them from the title.


The all-new Asylum match was insane…ly long. Although the choice of weaponry and the constant yelling by Chris Jericho was great, the match felt long and dull. It was obvious that no one would ever get to use the barbed wire wood piece, but the most surprising element of the match was the thumbtacks. I almost half expected them not to use it, but when Jericho was thrown into them and blood was gushing out, my jaw dropped for about five minutes. Although it was quite painful to watch Jericho writhe in pain after the patch from all the thumbtacks, it was an exciting moment to see thumbtacks being used again. It definitely filled the insanity requirement for this match.

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They literally just subbed Ric Flair with Dana Brooke (she even wore the costume at all). But its sad that the Women’s champion can’t win a single match without some interference.

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The Roman Reigns and AJ Styles match definitely lived up to the hype. From the destroyed commentator’s tables to using the barricades and mat-less floors, the match was all about the aggression between both these superstars. Of course this got immediately ruined when the Bullet Club and the Usos decided to intervene (which I’m certain everyone saw coming), but the phenomenal-forearm-turned-spear ended the match amazingly. Also why does everyone hate Roman Reigns? He’s so much better (I’m going to get ripped apart on this opinion, I’m sure of it).

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And finally, the biggest surprise of the night. Seth Rollins is back and he wants his title. Considering the history of these two superstars, it would be amazing to see them go head to head for the World Heavyweight Champion. It would also be awesome to get Dean Ambrose in on the title contention, making it a SHIELD reunion (in a way). Either way, the potential that the WWE has with Seth Rollins back is big.

It was an eventful night, and we can only hope that the things to come will be even more epic! Leave your thoughts below (especially if you disagreed, this is only the first review).

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