WWE Theory: What’s Going to Happen to AJ Styles?

Yes, I’m writing another WWE post. I’m sorry I’ll get back to politics soon.

Anyways a lot has happened since Extreme Rules: the qualifying matches for the Money in the Bank event have already happened, Jericho has stopped screaming, and Seth Rollins is back.

But most importantly, a lot has happened to AJ Styles (who, I will admit, I’ve never truly been a fan of). He is no longer a contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, he was knocked out of the Money in the Bank qualifiers by Kevin Owens, and he lost his best friends Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. So at this point, nobody really knows what is going to happen to AJ Styles.

WWE via Wrestling Rumors

Well, here’s what I think.

Now that the WWE is a bit busy with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, AJ Styles won’t be a main contender for the WWE title. With John Cena returning in a few days and Rusev being the United States Championship, he probably won’t be getting involved there. The intercontinental title is still with The Miz (who can only win a match the same way Charlotte can), and that Fatal 4-Way from Extreme Rules only makes this title contention more exciting.

So where does AJ fit in? Well, do you remember Y2AJ?

I know, it sounds crazy. Think about it for a second – Jericho will not win at Money in the Bank. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have no chance at either of them going solo, and aren’t happy with AJ Styles. The New Day are currently unstoppable. This could technically work.

WWE via Bleacher Report
WWE via Bleacher Report

Considering the skill of both these wrestlers, they could make for an interesting feud with Gallows and Anderson. Considering that Gallows and Anderson are bitter with AJ, AJ teaming up with Jericho after wanting to be alone from them will only create more animosity.

Although Jericho completely betrayed AJ while facing New Day, they could be great competitors to the invincible trumpet-holding trio. Hell, they may even be able to finally strip the New Day of the tag team title. They’ve worked as a successful team before, but it was only ruined in order to create a massive feud at Wrestlemania that simply didn’t work.

If they could somehow find a way to reconcile, even if that is the threat of Gallows and Anderson, they could be a great contender for the WWE Tag Team title. And finally get rid of New Day.

Now although this is simply a theory and nothing more, I personally think this could really build AJ Styles career in the WWE. It may genuinely never happen, and the WWE has announced that there will still be big things for AJ Styles.

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