Justin Trudeau G7 Mission: Not Paying Ransoms

Justin Trudeau has made it his mission to convince others from the G7 meeting to not pay the ransoms of kidnapped citizens to terrorists. Trudeau feels that by paying the ransoms, you are funding terrorism.

Dave Abel/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network

Dave Abel/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network

Canada has demonstrated this by not paying the $8 million ransom for John Ridsdel by the Fillipino terrorist group Abu Sayyaf. The group beheaded Ridsdel because the Canadian Government was being non-compliant.

There is a lot to discuss when we talk about citizens safety going abroad, especially since Canada was at the forefront of this not too long ago when Al Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy was arrested in Egypt.

Although Fahmy is now back in Canada, its result was in no way from Canadian action. Then Prime Minister Stephen Harper was criticized for his government not getting involved in releasing Mohamed Fahmy. Fahmy had said this in response:

“Sitting in that prison cell, it was difficult not to feel betrayed and abandoned by Prime Minister Harper,”

You’d think that with the new government we would see a more engaged government when it comes to the rights of its citizens out of country, but Ridsdel’s death speaks otherwise. Would the hostages of Abu Sayyaf feel the same from the Canadian government’s non-compliance?

Keep in mind that paying ransoms do not stop kidnapping but can encourage kidnappers to continue hoping that governments would keep paying. This makes it more difficult to deal with this issue.

Although paying ransoms does fund terrorism, is this the best way to fight terrorism or can we look at other ways to handle the situation? Of course everyone is looking at understanding terrorism and how to defeat it, and it’s tough to just come up with solutions.

However the question is whether the Canadian government should be paying ransoms in order to save kidnapped citizens, or that paying ransoms would be funding terrorism. Make sure you respond by voting in the poll below!

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