Are Conservatives Too Late to Supporting Same-Sex Marriage?

Surprisingly the Tories have officially ended their opposition to gay marriages in a surprising 1036-462 vote at the Conservative convention. Canada legalized same-sex marriage 11 years ago.

Now many are criticizing the party for being too late to make such a declaration, considering that same-sex marriage has been legal for over a decade.


I think the opposite. I think this is a great step for the party itself.

Although they are late to the party, the struggle for equal rights for gay individuals is still ongoing. This stance now shows that an entire country can be united on one issue, and that proves to other countries that the entirety of Canada all support same-sex marriage.

Now this stance also might alienate some of its party members and supporters, who are very firm on their beliefs.

However the world is becoming more globalized, countries and people around the world are taking notice of what is happening everywhere. Could this be a catalyst in furthering the cause of same-sex marriage advocates?

In any case, this also shows that the party is ready to accept changes and is looking to change itself from the Conservatives of 2015, which is exactly what they need.

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