Some thoughts on banning the Islamic Head-Scarf (and other Religious symbols)

I recently read an interesting article about a top EU Court advisor who suggested that banning the Islamic head-scarf may be justified if all religious symbols are banned as well.

This opens up a very interesting debate on banning not just Islamic symbols, but other religious symbols as well. It also opens up the debate on what we define a symbol as. Is the head-scarf, or hijab, really a symbol of Islam? Has it not been used before by other religions?

I did a video on my show ‘Politically Mateen’, but there’s still so many questions surrounding it as well.

Another angle I was considering was how this might affect the economics of a state. If there is a group of people (in this case, people who wear religious symbols publicly) who are unable to work, how would that affect the welfare state? Would it lead to an increase in unemployment or people living off welfare? These are questions we should also look at.

Check out my video, and leave your comments below!

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