Can Seth Rollins Still Fight?

Back with another WWE post!

It’s been a few weeks since ‘Extreme Rules’, and there is a lot of exciting things that have happened since. One of the most exciting parts of the pay-per-view was the return of Seth Rollins.

Source: Seth-Rollins.Net

After Roman Reigns successfully defended the title against AJ Styles (and The Club), Rollins came out of nowhere and pedigree’d him. He then came on Raw the next day where Shane McMahon granted him a title match at Money in the Bank.

Sounds exciting right? Well, not so much.

Because for the past few weeks, where most people expected an awesome showdown between the two, nothing happened. The most action we got from the two was a intense stare-down (with no romantic intention) that resulted in nothing. Oh, and Seth Rollins immediately turning heel by basically hating the WWE Universe.

What would have been cool is if Shane O’Mac made Rollins fight someone to go against Reigns for the title. He would have (obviously) won, but it still would have been cool to see what the redesigned Rollins could have been. It literally could have been anybody: Sin Cara, Kalisto, Alberto Del Rio, Kalisto, AJ Styles, Kalisto. Anybody.

But since he just came off of injury, one can wonder whether he’s actually able to perform or if they’re playing it safe. Which would make sense. Either way, I’m definitely hoping Roman Reigns wins at MITB.

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