Money in the Bank 2016 predictions

Money in the Bank has been one of the most exciting pay-per-views of the past few months (maybe with the exception of NXT Takeover…The End). via Bleacher Report via Bleacher Report

Considering did predictions themselves (even though that probably led to more confusion than interest), I’ve decided to lay out my Money in the Bank predictions this year. I hope to God I’m right. via Bleacher Report via Bleacher Report

Dolph Ziggler beats Baron Corbin

Is it me or am I the only one not excited for this match? Although Baron Corbin has proved how amazing and ruthless he is as a wrestler, I’m going to assume they’re going to completely overwrite that and give it to Dolph Ziggler. I don’t know why, I feel like going the opposite direction on this makes sense.

Apollo Crews beats Sheamus

I forgot this match was in this event. Considering how badly the League of Nations went and Sheamus’ luck, I think Apollo Crews (who seriously needs to be pushed considering his potential) will win. Though part of me feels they’re just going to give it to Sheamus.

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Charlotte and Dana Brooke beat Natalya and Becky Lynch

I really don’t want Natalya and Becky Lynch to lose, but my inner pessimist think they will. Somehow someone will come from somewhere dressed as someone and attack Natalya and Becky Lynch while the referee is turned around or something. Also why is this the only women’s match of the event? Considering how amazing the women’s division has been in the past few months, you’d hope they’d give maybe one other match.

The Club beats everyone else

I’m starting to like The New Day, but unfortunately they’ve held the title too long. I don’t think they’ll get pinned, but The Club will definitely walk away the champions. This only marks the start of a great tag-team division. Considering the awesome tag talent coming from NXT (like American Alpha), the tag-team division should get a lot bigger. I just hope it’s a Vaudevillain that gets pinned. How you doin.

Titus O’Neil beats Rusev (and Jack Swagger might help)

MERICA. Considering how they’ve been making Rusev the foreign heel who is a threat to all America, and that they needed to bring out the patriot Jack Swagger to win the title, and that Titus had that whole America speech on Memorial Day, I think Titus will beat Rusev. I can only imagine someone chanting “USA. USA. USA.” somewhere in the audience. via Bleacher Report via Bleacher Report

Dean Ambrose wins the Money in the Bank contract (second choice: Kevin Owens)

Dean Ambrose can easily make an exciting title reign now that Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are in a WWE contention. It would be like The Shield civil war, even though that story line has already been done.
Which is why my second choice is Kevin Owens. Considering he is an amazing heel and a talented up-and-coming wrestler, he can easily be great as a title contender. Also, the feud with Sami Zayn can really elevate here.

AJ Styles beats John Cena

I cannot stand AJ Styles. I don’t know what has happened to his character, but it’s just frustrating to watch. Even so, he has to win at Money in the Bank. Not ‘he should’, he has to. If WWE are even a little serious about the New Era, John Cena needs to lose. That’s just how it is.


Roman Reigns retains title against Seth Rollins

Considering that Roman Reigns is obviously the better wrestler and a lot more exciting (I’m really testing you with this statement), he will definitely retain the title at Money in the Bank. Besides, if he beats Seth Rollins, it will ‘make Roman look strong’. Sadly.
It won’t be an easy match, though; it will be an intense battle (unlike his match with AJ Styles at Extreme Rules).

What else?

Something big will definitely happen, but I’m not sure what. I feel like if someone immediately cashes in the Money in the Bank contract, it would be so predictable. The matches would be good, the ending, I’m not so sure.

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  1. Kamran Manek says:

    Corbin, Sheamus to help promote his movie, becky/nattie after sasha interferes, the club by pinning vaudevillans, rusev, ko, styles, reigns

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