Why is Congress Protesting Congress?

Democrats have staged a sit-in in Congress in order to force a vote on gun control in America. This is just after the Orlando massacre, the worst mass shooting in US history.


Hold up, a sit-in? Like a protest?


Here’s the thing: Congress is facing its own inner battle on the topic of gun control. While one party wants stricter laws on gun controls (i.e. background checks), the other party does not want to touch gun control as it may violate the rights and freedoms of American citizens.

But forget that for a second. Congress is coming to a point where those inside the system literally can’t make any change and have to resort to tactics that protestors use. Congressman and women literally cannot work together on gun control and are left with no choice but to stage a sit-in in order to get their voices heard.

The partisan divide in Congress is becoming bigger. Issues are becoming polarized becoming more partisan as Congress members fail to work together. If a big part of the Congress have to stage a sit-in so that a debate on gun control can start, what does that tell you?

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