Want to Start Getting Into Writing? Here’s 3 Good Reasons

Writing is a great leisure activity that many are starting to take on. Whether people decide to share their writing or keep it simply for themselves, writing is still an important part to the lives of many people. There are so many ways and styles one can start writing that it allows you to be creative and take risks. Writing is great. That is basically what I’m saying. And you should get on the writing train!

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Are you thinking about getting into writing? Do you need a reason to dust off the stack of paper (or finally use your computer’s word processor for something other than a 3000 word essay)? Here are three reasons:

It Clears your Head

Our minds can sometimes get overwhelming, and millions of thoughts can consume our head. It can sometimes be tough to really figure out what we are thinking. Writing is a great way for us to write down our thoughts. Writing is a great way to walk yourself through your thought process, especially when you have too many things to think about.

It Allows you to Take an Objective Look at your World

According to James W. Pennebaker, researcher at the University of Texas, writing allows writers to ‘take a step back and evaluate their lives’. Writing, even if it’s not very emotional or personal, still reveals some aspects about ourselves that we may not have realized. By writing, we can understand what we like and dislike, how we are feeling, or even what we are thinking.

It Gives You Practice For…Well…Actually Writing

Writing is everywhere. Whether it’s part of your job, your education or whether you’re leaving a note on the fridge, writing is a necessary tool in our lives. Writing for leisure is a great way to practice your writing. You may be able to get away with not practising writing, but it’s definitely something worth working on. Who knows where it could get you.

There are so many more reasons to start writing as a thing on the side, whether it means starting a blog or writing poetry. This doesn’t mean you have to share it with anyone, it can be very personal and private. But these are three reasons why you should consider starting to write (and not just a note on the fridge).

For those of you who write: what are some reasons you started writing?

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