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For those of you who are following my poetry account on Instagram (and for those of you who aren’t, click here to see my recent stuff!), some of you may have noticed the increasing amount of poems posted from HaikuJAM. You’ll also notice three names at the bottom of these pictures.

Well, where do we begin?

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I recently discovered an app called HaikuJAM on Instagram, and decided to give the app a try. Long story short, I was AMAZED. Not only is this app an amazing and creative idea, it’s simply a way for artists to collaborate.

HaikuJAM is an app where you write Haikus, but you write it with three other people. You’re not really stuck to the 5-7-5 format of haikus, but you are given a limit of 5-7-5 in terms of words per line. The great thing about this app is that you only have control over your line, and not the entire haiku. While this might seem like it could lead to disaster, it actually is the opposite: the poems turn into something that you truly couldn’t imagine. You may not see the final product fitting your ideal vision, but it’s a final product that represents three different perspectives of the same topic. And since we all have differing opinions and experiences, the poems are truly enlightening.

I know that bit sounded incredibly vague, but that’s because you truly need to try it to get what I mean. Poetry is an expression of our selves and our lives, but this app shows a collaboration between three distinct lives to make one very simple piece. I wrote a line expecting a poem to go a certain way, and the other two collaborators bring it in their own way. It’s truly amazing.

It’s definitely a great app to try out, even if you’re only starting out in poetry. You can also see some of the pieces I’ve worked on below.

A photo posted by Mateen Manek (@mateenmanek) on

A photo posted by Mateen Manek (@mateenmanek) on

A photo posted by Mateen Manek (@mateenmanek) on

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and if you use the app let me know what you think!

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