Why Backlash Doesn’t Seem Something To Look Forward To

The brand split is arguably the biggest thing that has happened in the WWE this past year. The final (split-less) PPV, where we saw all three members of The Shield go against each other, was possibly the best of the year. And PPVs are a big deal in the WWE universe: they conclude old feuds, lead to bigger drama, give you excitement as to who will win the championship, and so on.

And that brings me to Backlash, which is the first PPV since the brand split occurred. Although there is usually a good amount of hype when PPVs hit, Backlash doesn’t seem to have any at all.

The problem with Backlash is two things.

1) It is way too soon since the last PPV to have another. There’s very little time in between to develop the characters (except for The Miz, who ran an awesome promo on Talking Smack) or even the feuds between competitors. Considering it’s been almost 20 days since Summerslam, there isn’t much time to wrap Summerslam up and begin Backlash.

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2) Smackdown doesn’t have the roster to really support it’s own PPV. The only two matches that are exciting enough are the men’s tag team champions (mainly because Heath Slater has just had such good development since the brand split) and The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler (see previous note about The Miz). Dean Ambrose has become really stale and boring to watch, nobody really wants to see Bray Wyatt lose again, the NXT women have only recently made their debut, and I genuinely cannot remember any other matches.

If the matches were part of Night Clash of Champions, they would be interesting to watch. As a standalone PPV? Well, the only reason I am tuning in is because I have the WWE Network.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about Backlash? Leave your comments below!

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