Do You Feel Like You’re Forgetting Something?

There are so many moments where we might want to remember something, like a phrase you want to search on Google or a song you heard in the elevator. Hell, you might want to even remember a video you wanted to record.

But then you forget it.

And here’s where the problem starts, because you spend minutes or even hours trying to remember it. You may even try to retrace your steps (which, if this thing involved a phone or social media, can be damn near impossible), and it will eat at you until you either leave it be or try to remember it.

And it sucks! You have all this added stress that’s just going to make your day a lot less happier.

Well I had that (while making this video) and decided to vlog about it!

Check out my vlog ‘Don’t Remember Things.’, where I talk about why you shouldn’t try to remember small little things like these but instead do one simple thing: write everything down!

Even if that means carrying a paper and pen with you wherever you go and writing down every little thing that comes to your head. But at least when you write it down, you can forget about it and get back to whatever it was you’re doing.

So check out the vlog at the top and make sure you give it a like and let me know if this helps you! I’ll also try to make more vlogs like this on my channel.

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