Looking at North Korean and American Tensions

One of the biggest changes since Barack Obama left office is the drastic increases in tension between the United States and North Korea. Even Donald Trump has finally understood how utterly complicated the entire North Korea affair is. 

Now, ever since I’ve taken a little step away from commenting on politics, I’ve had to devise easier ways to understand global politics. I’ve come up with a crazy theory, which I’m sure most of you are going to think is absolutely nuts. But here it is:

If you examine the political affairs between global politicians as you would a classroom of elementary-grade schoolers, everything slowly begins to make a lot of sense. 

Donald Trump is the new kid at school, and already thinks he owns everything in the classroom. Nobody knows if he actually likes the class president Angela, and he seems to be hanging out a lot with that kid Vlad. 

Anyways there’s a kid who always sits in the back named Kim, and is kind of troubled. A lot of the other kids stay away from him, and some of the people who sit next to him complain about how he keeps trying to hit them. 

All of a sudden, Donny calls Kim out and Kim is all mad. Donny is also telling Kim’s desk-neighbours to handle the problem, but they all kind of know that Donny is kind of new and this whole Kim thing is actually more complicated than it sounds. 

Donny continues to push Kim, and Donny’s parents, who are constantly protesting his actions though have absolutely no control over their child, are increasingly worried that Kim might finally just hurt Donny. 

All the while, the other students are kind of just watching all of this. Some students have decided to join in, to a very limited extent, while others are kind of just not saying anything. 

Theresa is actually really upset with her geography teacher Mr. Juncker, and is asking to be removed from his class. People are worried about sharing a table with Vlad, since he’s known for taking over others’ space with his binders and notebooks. 

You know what, maybe politics isn’t that simple… 

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