barakat – original poem

The news has broken my heart; Deah Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha had their lives taken away. There is nothing to even slightly justify what happened. I just hope to God that their deaths do not go in vain. This poem, which I had to write, is titled ‘Barakat’.

A blessing was robbed in the bright eyes of the sun.
Lovebirds were shot as they soared through the sky.
The gems were crushed; there was nothing to be done.
And the rivers, streamless and lost, flowed from her eyes.

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peshawar – original poem

In light of today’s tragedy in Peshawar, Pakistan, I have written a poem for all the victims. It deeply disturbs me how something like this could happen to someone, let alone that the victims were children. It is an absolutely shameless thing that has happened, and my sympathies go out to the family of the victims. May the community keep their strength during this tough time.

Terrorism has no religion, colour or creed;
If you believe so, you’ve failed to understand.
The only definition of terror is the evil deed
Of looking a child in the eyes while you take their soul from where they stand.

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solutions – original poem

In celebration of National Poetry Day, I’m releasing this poem. It’s a poem I wrote a while ago and stuffed away, and have only really looked back at it today.

I don’t know why, I’ve been feeling very morose.
I could take something for it; a pill, I suppose.
But I prefer the high I get off of life,
Like forgetting the feeling of a dozen mice
Whilst they scatter along up and down your skin,
Or losing the thought that everything you do is a sin.

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indian summer – original poem

This is my second poem, titled ‘Indian Summer’.

My mind revolves around the Indian Summer.
The same one where you and I first met.
I told you upfront that I’d never been a lover,
But you’ve become the photograph stuck in my head.

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silent no more – original poem

This is my first original poem called ‘Silent No More’. It is inspired by all the events that have been circling around this time.

I can’t stay silent no more
Sticks and stones and guns and bombs,
Take away those small moments of calm
But I’m not there; I’d never know,
No, my friend, all this I see on a TV show
Fictional? I wish. This hell is real
My eyelids and my palms become my shield
For my eyes and ears
From all my fears
I can’t stay silent any more

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