Fear Sucks. – New Vlog Post

I know it has been a while since my last YouTube video (and I’ll address that in a later post), but recently I did a video called “Fear Sucks.”

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The Traveller: Part I is Available in Paperback & Goodreads Giveaway!

As many of you know, my first ever poetry book, The Traveller: Part I, was finally released in paperback! In this post you’ll find some more information, a sale at the Etsy shop, and a GOODREADS GIVEAWAY!


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Why Backlash Doesn’t Seem Something To Look Forward To

The brand split is arguably the biggest thing that has happened in the WWE this past year. The final (split-less) PPV, where we saw all three members of The Shield go against each other, was possibly the best of the year. And PPVs are a big deal in the WWE universe: they conclude old feuds, lead to bigger drama, give you excitement as to who will win the championship, and so on.

And that brings me to Backlash, which is the first PPV since the brand split occurred. Although there is usually a good amount of hype when PPVs hit, Backlash doesn’t seem to have any at all.

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The Floor – Short Story

He found himself awake on the floor. He wasn’t entirely sure why he was lying there, but he knew it wasn’t the result of a fall or anything like that. It seemed to make sense anyhow, as he stared at the rock-like ceiling. He moved his head to the side and saw he was accompanies by piles of dust, thinking to himself that he might one day want to clean it.


He was mesmerized by the ceiling, more so by the fact that he could make shapes out of the unsymmetrical popcorn that faced him. It almost felt like looking at the stars, something he remembered doing as a child. “Child” – his train of thought stumbled on that word. That was a much simpler time, he thought, when he saw the world through the lens of a periscope. The changing colours always excited him, and how storms would eventually bring sunshine. It was a simpler way to view the world, one that he had realized was far different from the one he was living now.

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Writing With HaikuJAM

For those of you who are following my poetry account on Instagram (and for those of you who aren’t, click here to see my recent stuff!), some of you may have noticed the increasing amount of poems posted from HaikuJAM. You’ll also notice three names at the bottom of these pictures.

Well, where do we begin?

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 1.20.01 PM

I recently discovered an app called HaikuJAM on Instagram, and decided to give the app a try. Long story short, I was AMAZED. Not only is this app an amazing and creative idea, it’s simply a way for artists to collaborate.

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Etsy Shop Grand Opening, The Traveller, and a Poorly Written Update

I haven’t written an update in a long while, but I guess now would be a good time to write one!

There’s a lot that has happened over the past few months. So many projects, a lot more writing, exploring new and old things, binge-watching Friends (but that’s not relevant).

But two big things are in the works.

FIRST: the clearly illiterate café. now has a shop!

We are now officially on Etsy and selling prints! This is something I’ve been really wanting to do for a while, and I can’t wait to feature my new work there. We are starting with offering custom poetry prints, but soon plan to feature original calligraphy prints! This is something we are too excited for. You can access the store by clicking here or clicking the SHOP button at the top.

SECOND: The Traveller: Part I is to be released soon in paperback!

Although the eBook has been out for a while, my first poetry book The Traveller: Part I will be releasing very soon! We are just finishing the final touches and it will be available on Amazon! There will be more information coming soon so stay tuned to the blog. And yes, Part II is in the works.

THIRD: eBook sale!

The Traveller: Part I is on sale at Smashwords for FREE! It will be free until July 31st, so make sure you get it today! Smashwords offers most formats of the eBook so you’ll get access to all of them. Click here to get to the book and enter SFREE at checkout!

FOURTH: Politically Mateen

I have not done a Politically Mateen episode for a while. It was tough to get a video out during Ramadan, but one is definitely in the works…

You’ll be hearing more very soon about the first two points, and look out for a sale at the store.

Want to Start Getting Into Writing? Here’s 3 Good Reasons

Writing is a great leisure activity that many are starting to take on. Whether people decide to share their writing or keep it simply for themselves, writing is still an important part to the lives of many people. There are so many ways and styles one can start writing that it allows you to be creative and take risks. Writing is great. That is basically what I’m saying. And you should get on the writing train!

Source: Arts.Mic.Com

Are you thinking about getting into writing? Do you need a reason to dust off the stack of paper (or finally use your computer’s word processor for something other than a 3000 word essay)? Here are three reasons:

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Why is Congress Protesting Congress?

Democrats have staged a sit-in in Congress in order to force a vote on gun control in America. This is just after the Orlando massacre, the worst mass shooting in US history.


Hold up, a sit-in? Like a protest?


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Money in the Bank 2016 predictions

Money in the Bank has been one of the most exciting pay-per-views of the past few months (maybe with the exception of NXT Takeover…The End).

WWE.com via Bleacher Report

WWE.com via Bleacher Report

Considering WWE.com did predictions themselves (even though that probably led to more confusion than interest), I’ve decided to lay out my Money in the Bank predictions this year. I hope to God I’m right.

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