Donald Trump and Rhetoric

Donald Trump has changed American politics.

Now that he is the official Republican contender for the presidency, the Republican party has to accept the campaign that Trump ran on. Trump is known for wanting to ban Muslims from coming to America and saying that most Mexicans are rapists.

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Muslims Should Turn People In, According to Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s opinion on Muslims are always so interesting.

When Sadiq Khan became the newly elected Mayor of London, Donald Trump expressed his happiness and even offered for Khan to be the ‘exception’ to his no-Muslim rule. This, to me, came off as kind of patronizing and sounds like “if when you’ve proven you’re a nice enough Muslims you can come into the United States of America”.

Reuters/Dominic Reuter

But Donald Trump recently said in an interview with UK’s ITV that Muslims should work with the police and “turn people in”.

You know, as if all Muslim communities are like those friendly cul-de-sacs where everyone is friends with everyone and that one guy who lives in the corner house, Rasheed, is up to no good.

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are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz really ‘republicans’? – new vlog post

After the Brussels attack, Ted Cruz proposed patrolling and securing Muslim neighborhoods. It sounded like something taken from a history book, but is it something that Republicans would historically do? Let’s find out!

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muslims are people too, Donald Trump.

Politics is usually about discourse and debate. Politicians debate each other on how to handle issues, whether it be economic or foreign policy. That is why there is a government and an opposition, so that we can make sure we have a civilized and purposeful debate.

What’s sad is we’re not seeing any of that in the current GOP debate.

Instead we are seeing a wacky competition of who can out-bigot the other candidate. It would be a great reality show if this weren’t all so real.

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