Should Canada Restore Relations With Iran?

Canada has a history when it comes to it’s diplomatic relations with Iran. Canada had closed their embassy in Iran in 2012 and expelled all Iranian diplomats.

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Canada’s Human Rights Confusion

Stephane Dion made two major foreign policy announcements in the past coming days: one on North Korea and one of Saudi Arabia.

According to the National Newswatch, Dion condemned the announcement that North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb. On the other hand, the Canada-Saudi Arabia Arms Deal is still going through despite the executions that took place early January.

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Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr’s Death and the Frailty of the Middle East

To start off the New Year, Saudi Arabia executed over forty people they were holding as prisoners over ‘terrorism’ charges. One of these prisoners was the Shia Cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

This is the same Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr who has been the subject of much of the international outrage around the world for sometime over his unjust arrest, who has been arrested on frankly thin charges of inciting violence.

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