#MeccaLive – A Glimpse into A New World

In the last few days Snapchat’s ‘Live Story’ feature, which allows users to view clips and short videos that surround certain themes, has featured content from different cities. The app, which allows users to view content shared by friends for a limited amount of time, also allows users to view and submit content based on geographical locations. They’ve featured Tel Aviv, West Bank, and most recently Mecca.

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dove – original poem

So I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, and I had promised this poem back in March, but I’m back! That’s good, right? I’ll write an update tomorrow so you guys know what I’m up to. I feel like there’s some big stuff.
Anywho this is the second poem that I had prepared for the Poetry Slam at York University. I did not qualify to the second round, so no one has really heard this. Or read it.

Matches and fires, sticks with barbed wires;
Chaos and fear run happily and free.
Great big men in suits, and other liars,
Will be the first amongst you who will flee.

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trees in the forest – original poem

Recently, I performed two poems I wrote at a Poetry Slam hosted by the Thaqalayn Muslim Association and the Islamic Relief at York University. It was amazing event, with some awesome and passionate talent. It was incredibly inspiring to hear other people’s work, as well as their ideas. This is the first poem that I performed.

A family of trees huddle together in the forest;
Some young, some old, both big and tall.
Birds come from far, in the forest they nest;
They know these trees, together, will never fall.

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indian summer – original poem

This is my second poem, titled ‘Indian Summer’.

My mind revolves around the Indian Summer.
The same one where you and I first met.
I told you upfront that I’d never been a lover,
But you’ve become the photograph stuck in my head.

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