thoughts – original poem

As some of you know, there was recently a shooting in Peshawar inside of a Mosque. The news is tragic, but someone recorded footage of the entire incident on their phone. It was almost impossible to watch; it’s the kind of pain that digs deep into your skin. I really wish this sort of violence would stop. It’s not fair to anyone in such a situation. My heart goes out to them.

I sit in a Mosque, my hands held high
Praying to God that I could live another night;
That I don’t become a ghost or a memory forgotten,
That five years from now my skin won’t have become rotten.
Because in such a place of peace can still be infiltrated by hate.
Ratatatatat; caught in a surreal state.
The carpets are stained, blood on the window panes;
A bullet doesn’t touch me, so how can I still feel pain?
And yet God has covered me in a blanket;
I can go home to my family, not home in a casket.

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peshawar – original poem

In light of today’s tragedy in Peshawar, Pakistan, I have written a poem for all the victims. It deeply disturbs me how something like this could happen to someone, let alone that the victims were children. It is an absolutely shameless thing that has happened, and my sympathies go out to the family of the victims. May the community keep their strength during this tough time.

Terrorism has no religion, colour or creed;
If you believe so, you’ve failed to understand.
The only definition of terror is the evil deed
Of looking a child in the eyes while you take their soul from where they stand.

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