Ramadan, Canadian Politics and Struggle

Ramadan is a very important month for Muslims all over the world. Every year during the Islamic month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Although Muslims consume food or water during daylight, Muslims also cannot do anything that would be considered sinful (lying, etc.). The month is about spiritually building yourself into a better person.

Although it does sound like a struggle, it is actually a time of happiness. I’ve always seen Ramadan as a time to get together with your family and community, and to focus on yourself as a member of society.

This is why I think it’s amazing that Canadian politicians are going around making videos wishing Canadian-Muslims ‘Ramadan Kareem’ (which translates to generous Ramadan). This past election, which saw the Liberals take a majority government, was a big election for Canadian-Muslims. Groups like Canadian Muslim Vote and many others worked on getting Muslims to take part in civic engagement.

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#MeccaLive – A Glimpse into A New World

In the last few days Snapchat’s ‘Live Story’ feature, which allows users to view clips and short videos that surround certain themes, has featured content from different cities. The app, which allows users to view content shared by friends for a limited amount of time, also allows users to view and submit content based on geographical locations. They’ve featured Tel Aviv, West Bank, and most recently Mecca.

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