Justin Trudeau G7 Mission: Not Paying Ransoms

Justin Trudeau has made it his mission to convince others from the G7 meeting to not pay the ransoms of kidnapped citizens to terrorists. Trudeau feels that by paying the ransoms, you are funding terrorism.

Dave Abel/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network

Dave Abel/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network

Canada has demonstrated this by not paying the $8 million ransom for John Ridsdel by the Fillipino terrorist group Abu Sayyaf. The group beheaded Ridsdel because the Canadian Government was being non-compliant.

There is a lot to discuss when we talk about citizens safety going abroad, especially since Canada was at the forefront of this not too long ago when Al Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy was arrested in Egypt.

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Muslims Should Turn People In, According to Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s opinion on Muslims are always so interesting.

When Sadiq Khan became the newly elected Mayor of London, Donald Trump expressed his happiness and even offered for Khan to be the ‘exception’ to his no-Muslim rule. This, to me, came off as kind of patronizing and sounds like “if when you’ve proven you’re a nice enough Muslims you can come into the United States of America”.

Reuters/Dominic Reuter

But Donald Trump recently said in an interview with UK’s ITV that Muslims should work with the police and “turn people in”.

You know, as if all Muslim communities are like those friendly cul-de-sacs where everyone is friends with everyone and that one guy who lives in the corner house, Rasheed, is up to no good.

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airstrikes, ISIS, and refugees – vlog post

After the Paris attacks, countries involved in the coalition have decided to increase their airstrike campaigns. But is this really the best way?

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Culture Wars – The Background of #IStandWithAhmed

Imagine one morning you woke up, really excited. Today was the day you were going to show off your latest invention to your friends and teachers. It turns out that they mistake assume your invention is a threat and arrest you.

That’s exactly what happened today in Texas to a young boy named Ahmed Mohamed.

Ahmed was arrested by Dallas police when his teachers thought the clock that he built was a bomb. He was taken to a juvenile detention centre by cops, and was suspended by his school. The police say he might be charged with making a ‘hoax bomb’, even though he admitted several times that it was a clock.

Sounds absurd right? It’s actually not. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, Ahmed is brown.

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peshawar – original poem

In light of today’s tragedy in Peshawar, Pakistan, I have written a poem for all the victims. It deeply disturbs me how something like this could happen to someone, let alone that the victims were children. It is an absolutely shameless thing that has happened, and my sympathies go out to the family of the victims. May the community keep their strength during this tough time.

Terrorism has no religion, colour or creed;
If you believe so, you’ve failed to understand.
The only definition of terror is the evil deed
Of looking a child in the eyes while you take their soul from where they stand.

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