Do You Feel Like You’re Forgetting Something?

There are so many moments where we might want to remember something, like a phrase you want to search on Google or a song you heard in the elevator. Hell, you might want to even remember a video you wanted to record.

But then you forget it.

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Fear Sucks. – New Vlog Post

I know it has been a while since my last YouTube video (and I’ll address that in a later post), but recently I did a video called “Fear Sucks.”

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is islamophobia real? – new vlog post

In an interview with Channel 4’s Jon Snow, Richard Dawkins said that Islamophobia is a non-word.

In this vlog, I try to figure to answer the question; is Islamophobia real? Check out my latest video log (or vlog for short) and watch as I try to deconstruct the issue.

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